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So, So Strange

So I'm updating my LJ stuff and note that a few new people have added me as "Friends." I do what I always do, which is to check out their blogs. Most of the time, I add them to my own "Friends" list in the interest of reciprocity.

My first surprise today was juneyear. Judging by the people this person lists as friends, I must know her or him. But I don't have enough information to figure out who it is.

Then I visit sub__rosa's blog and realize A) it's this guy who asked me how to contact Brittany when I was at Club Congress a few months ago and B) he has, just today, written a long and stunningly accurate description of her, past and present.

I hope she gets things sorted out. The last few times I saw her were pretty worrisome. The transition from school to the "real world" is always difficult, but particularly when you are struggling with other difficulties that are deeper and more personal.

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