Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

A Bright Future?

I was overwhelmed by my viewing largess tonight, getting to watch the Cal men's basketball team play for the second time in a week in November. And next week I get to see them take on my father's alma mater Syracuse in Madison Square Garden! Even though that I know that these opportunities are coming my way because Cal was ranked in the pre-season poll and realize that their visibility will make this season a struggle in ways that last year never was, I'm excited. Tonight they shook off some of the rust evident on Monday and won going away against a team with a good deal of talent, much of it imported from Indiana after Kelvin Sampson's brief tenure there ended abruptly. And the cushion they carried through most of the second half gave me the chance to see some of their less familiar players showcase their skills. Most impressively, our undermuscled 7'3" center Max Zhang demonstrated that he knows how to play the game the right way, setting nice screens, blocking shots and following misses on the offense end with a sense of purpose. If he can "strengthen up" over the course of the season, he could be the difference-maker this otherwise short team needs.
Tags: sports

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