Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Long Time No

It's been a while since I posted much here. But my absence was not the result of a conscious decision to disappear. I just lacked the conditions necessary for me to do much social networking. My parents were out here for Thanksgiving, meaning that I spent a lot of my time bustling about in the kitchen. The whole time they were visiting, my daughter Skylar had the flu, further prying me loose from my daily routine. Although she apparently had the H1N1 strain, it was a mild case. Basically, she had a persistent fever for a week and felt weak and easily overwhelmed by excessive stimulation. I felt bad for her, but am glad she was still able to enjoy her grandparents' visit and partake of the Thanksgiving repast. And then there was the simple fact that my parents' aren't computer people. Although I did have to work on a few deadlines while they looked on, I just didn't feel comfortable blogging in their presence. I had the sense that doing so would be like text messaging at a dinner party. Anyway, I'm back. I grew sort of attached to the freedom that came from not posting, so I may produce fewer entries per week going forward. But despite the anxieties stirred up by my "blogiversary" a few months back, I have decided that it wouldn't make sense for me to call a halt to this journal. As Neil Young didn't say, it's worse to burn out than to fade away. . .
Tags: analysis, blogging, everyday

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