Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

A Spring In My Step

The last two days have been filled with potentially stress-inducing tasks, from sitting in lots of stop-and-go freeway traffic in the Phoenix area -- the East Valley is absurdly spread out -- to preparing for the delivery of a new washer, which necessitated many hours of rearranging "temporary" boxes in the garage. Not to mention that my allergies have been terrible for the past week, for reasons I just can't discern. But I've been in an extraordinarily good mood, considering. Instead of feeling oppressed by the many burdens of my existence, which has certainly been taxing of late, I am strangely hopeful. Maybe it's because of the great moonlit bicycle ride I went on Tuesday night or the time-exposure photography session it inspired me to pursue after I'd returned home. Or maybe it's simply that whatever natural cycle I'm on simply has me going through a good phase. Whatever the explanation, I'll drink this potion, in which desire is suspended in a base of deep contentment, with relish.
Tags: analysis, autobiography, everyday
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