Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Don't Table That Emotion

I have been thinking all day about New Year's resolutions, why some feel compelled to share them with others and others keep them private. I generally fall into the latter category, though I don't mind sharing their general thrust. For 2010 most of my resolutions converge on a common goal: I want to free myself of the burden I've been lugging around for years, the one that makes me far more likely to help others than myself. But the velcro tabs on my ankle weights are really hard to pry loose.

That's why I'm also making the more modest resolution to do more writing that is neither polished for "real" publication or pared down to Twitter length. Some of it will appear here and some of it will probably be presented in a new venue or two I have yet to make public. Also, I resolve to watch many of the cinematic classics I have either failed to see or saw too long ago to have registered fully. First up is Jules and Jim.
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