Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Did I Say "Never"?

Back when Skylar was five or so, she developed a fascination with tornadoes. She wanted to learn about them, but also wanted to make sure that they weren't a threat here in Tucson. Based on everything I'd read about the weather in these parts, I assured that she had nothing to worry about. But this day of insane winter weather -- the whole state of Arizona is a set of overlapping alerts -- has made me wonder whether I spoke too soon:

Yes, that's a tornado watch, for those of you with keen eyesight, one that encompasses not just Maricopa County to the north, where they've had a few minor twisters over the years, but Pima County as well. I highly doubt whether a tornado will hit Tucson. I'm more concerned about the gale-force winds that are supposed to accompany the fierce thunderstorms that pose the threat of cyclonic action. That said, I'm going to stay up and monitor the storm. It doesn't hurt to be careful. And I don't want to be punished for my insouciant statement about Tucson being a tornado-free zone!
Tags: everyday, tucson, weather

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