Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Don't Tally Your Losses While You're Still Winning

It's warmer and sunny today, after a week of weather that was pretty wintry by Tucson standards. But instead of looking forward apprehensively to the heat of summer, I'm realizing that I've lived here long enough now to take pleasure in our lovely, extended spring -- it goes from now, for plants that can handle light frost, up until May -- without worrying about the hell to come. Not to mention that I have also learned to appreciate the virtues of June. First, the tension leading up to the Monsoon -- one of my two favorite seasons here -- has its thrills, like Advent. Second, swimming a lot tempers the horror. And, most importantly, the road-clogging visitors from out of town and the students who only come here for a year-round tan are long gone. But enough about the weather to come. Today is beautiful and I'm flush with good feeling!
Tags: everyday, tucson, weather

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