Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Bashed Beyond Reason

I doesn't want to tempt fate, especially with a likely road defeat looming Sunday -- "likely" because I will be in attendance, that is -- but I really have to wonder whether the Pac-10 bashing has gone too far. Yes, Cal lost at New Mexico. But the game was on the road and they were missing one of their Big Three. And I seriously doubt whether going down to Kansas in Lawrence or Syracuse in Madison Square Garden should be considered a sign of weakness. Their only semi-bad losses were to UCLA at home -- again, with a key injury -- and Washington on the road. Neither of those teams has come close to their pre-season reputations, certainly. Yet they have played far beneath their level of talent, which still emerges from time to time. Anyway, the negativity depresses me. The idea, as one ESPN commentator suggested today, that the Pac-10 will only be able to get two teams into the tournament if Cal wins the regular-season title and loses the conference tournament just seems insane to me. Then again, with the annual East Coast bias finally being fed by indisputable evidence of the Pac-10's overall decline, insanity might turn out to be the order of the day. It's enough to make a Bear say, "Grrrrrr!"
Tags: sports

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