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Me and She

We just returned from Family Shabbat at the JCC. It was the best of the four we've been to, but a bittersweet affair because it's also our last one before Skylar starts public school. As chocolate amply demonstrates, however, bittersweet can be pretty wonderful.

Before the dinner, I spent a long time in Skylar's classroom showing her and her classmates pictures in iPhoto on my laptop, then hung out with her on the sofas upstairs while we waiting for Kim to arrive from her late meeting.

Since I've learned not to pass up promising photo ops, I used the occasion to take pictures of the two of us. I've long been a fan of the self-portrait in which the photographer holds the camera at arm's length and points it at her or himself. Our photo albums attest to that. With the freedom of digital imaging, though, I'm getting better at capturing moments without drawing attention to the camera's presence.

Like Errol Morris, I worry about the ideological blindspots of the verité aesthetic. But I'm pleased with the results I'm getting from a formal standpoint:

Reading Mr. Daydream

Peering In

Bald Spot

Icky Licky


I'm particularly fond of the first and last images.


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