Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch


Skylar has had her recognition ceremony. I came home to drop off her grandmother, who can only stand -- and be stood -- a few hours in public and to charge my camera battery. Here's a shot which, if you compare it to the one from August, 2004 in my previous entry, demonstrates how much my daughter has grown:

Almost as tall as her Mom now

And here's a shot that shows off her whole ensemble, posed before some of the Civil War paraphernalia that has defined the fifth-grade experience for her and her parents. It's only appropriate that our Mary Lincoln be coupled with an image of her "husband":

Skylar in her graduation dress from Macys

Now I'm headed back to the school to witness the traditional fifth-grade water fight and other delights, for which she will be wearing something less awesome and more practical.
Tags: daughter, everyday, family, nostalgia, photography

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