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Bob on Thom

Here's what Bob Mould has to say in his short obituary for Thom Gunn:
Thom Gunn, who died last Sunday aged 74, wrote some of the best and most elegant poetry of his times; his early work shows the influence of Donne and Herbert, and he never lost their tightness of thought and structure, although from the 1960s he also came under the influence of mescaline, lysergic acid and Allen Ginsberg. Stephen Trask was the person who introduced me to Mr. Gunn's work; he gave me a copy of Boss Cupid, and I still enjoy the words to this day.
What could be better than one of your punk rock heroes name-dropping "Donne and Herbert?"

Bob has apparently molded himself into a real Renaissance man.

It's interesting that the creator of Hedwig was proselytizing on Gunn's behalf.
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