Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Personally, I'd Rather Be Blinded By Sameness

While finishing up my packing a few minutes ago, I decided to check the weather at my destination. Since the site I use provides me my current location as a default, though, I got to see the 105+ temperatures predicted for the rest of the week here. I was hoping that the increased humidity today might betoken a slight chance of pre-Monsoon storm activity, but it appears that the days I'm gone will be hot, sunny and dry as a bone, as his typical for late June in the Sonoran Desert.

After I had typed "94720" into the site's location box and was waiting for the report to load, I chided myself for having become so estranged from the Bay Area that I felt the need to look up what I would once have taken on faith. Sure enough, the report was the mind-numbingly repetitious sort that characterize summers on the California coast, with the sole item of interest the possibility that "June gloom" might be less intense than is often the case:
Berkeley weather forecast for June 23-28, 2010
I'm sure there are some who would argue that those temperatures are oppressively cool. These are the sort, often elderly, who move to Tucson not only to stay warm in winter but to bake themselves in the heat of summer. Some of them even complain when it rains. Needless to say, my own preferences are radically opposed to theirs. I'd be perfectly happy to live with the boredom of a Bay Area summer over the excitement of other climes. I do love the Monsoon, mind you, and would want to visit Tucson to experience it should I ever move away. But the thrill of the storms is not enough to compensate for the brutality of the dry season that precedes them.
Tags: autobiography, travel, tucson, weather

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