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Happy 195th! - De File
Does Collecting Make You Feel Dirty?
Happy 195th!
Thanks for sharing your day with me, namesake. We were a day off in our calculations, but the strawberry shortcake still made us stronger.

I read an interview with you to celebrate:
The working classes remain poor amid the increase of wealth, wretched amid the increase of luxury. Their material privation dwarfs their moral as well as their physical stature. They cannot rely on others for a remedy. It has become then with them an imperative necessity to take their own case in hand. They must revive the relations between themselves and the capitalists and landlords, and that means they must transform society.
And I thought of your tastefully compact birthplace in Trier.

But Mike Mosher drew it a lot better than I can say it:

MVPs by Mike Mosher

Art is the THG of the proletariat. And, if we're lucky the _____ [Please fill in the ultimate consonant of your choice here] _____ of the proletariat as well.

Love is all around, Charlie. Bulk up.

Mode: festively firm
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