Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch


I've been extremely busy this past week getting ready for the semester ahead, with a heavy dose of frustration over flawed projects and foolish miscommunications to add to the sense that I'm slowly being ground down in the garbage compactor. The other day I laid the futon out in preparation for sleeping and found myself drawn ineluctably to the memory foam that now stretches over top of it. It felt so good to just stop for a minute and sink into the surface. Five hours later I woke up in the same position, with all the lights on and a vexing tightness in my neck from having slumbered in a position only partially overlapping with the futon. The worst of it is that this is all preamble to what will be my most taxing semester since I was an undergraduate taking twenty-five upper-division, graded units at UC-Berkeley. That semester didn't take me to a healthy place, but I still have hope for turning the coming one into a positive experience. Anyway, this is all by way of saying that I've been reading all my LJ friends with the same interest as always, but lack the extra energy I would need to contribute much content of my own. Some day, though, that will change. It has better, at any rate!
Tags: everyday, health, teaching

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