Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Another Year Older and Deeper

Today is my Live Journal's seventh anniversary. I know I've posted here less frequently this past year than at any time since my first months. Back in 2003, I was trying to make the transition from a passive consumer of my friends' blogs to someone willing to take the risk of putting my own words out there for everyone -- or at least someone -- to see.

Now I'm in the process, as I explained in my first entry for the "Week in the Life" meme, of trying to undo the psychological damage caused first by feeling overexposed and then by trying to compensate for that feeling, composing entries that almost nobody was able or willing to figure out.

As excessively detailed as my recent "documentary" entries may be, they do represent my best attempt to shift from hiding in plain sight to showing myself in the shadows. Or at least that's my hope, though masoo rightly pointed out that even my straightforward revelations have a way of seeming like news releases from a totalitarian state's office press agency.

But enough of me. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who still read me, with a special shout out to those few who have been doing so for the full seven years. Even when I'm at my most maddeningly oblique, I still take immediate satisfaction from your responses to what I post. Ultimately, though, it's what you share that means the most, sustaining me both when I'm at my wit's end and when I can't begin to be witty. Please consider the photos I post here an expression of gratitude for your presence in my life.
Tags: autobiography, blogging, holiday
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