Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Little Things

I'm in one of my word-poor phases. Even a few sentences like these are a struggle. But I'm actually feeling pretty good, all in all. I'm slowing down to take pleasure in simple activities, like sharing cartoons with my daughter, playing with the cats and even making the walk back up the hill from where we now have to park one of the cars we drive. Aside from work, which is extremely taxing this semester, I am also devoting a lot of energy to reorganizing my house -- which involves rotating a great number of books -- and also exerting myself to not do the little things that drive those around me nuts. That last task poses quite a challenge, since I have long been in the habit of letting my everyday frustrations out in the form of facial expressions and dismissive non-semantic sounds. I still have plenty to trouble me, obviously, but am seeking out a different outlet for my stress than my immediate interpersonal environment.
Tags: autobiography, everyday
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