Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

And I'm (Almost) Off. . .

Well, after getting in after 1am EDT, getting ready to load the car until 4:30am EDT, sleeping from then until 11am EDT and spending the day figuring out how to pack up my parents' car as tightly as possible, I am about to head out on my 2500-mile journey. It's excruciating to pack when you are supposed to bring valuables and irreplaceables from a house that is literally full of things that meet both those definitions, at least in your own mind. But I made the decisions I had to make, as hard as that was, and got my father to do the same. This drive won't be easy, but I feel greatly heartened, both by my parents' brightening mood and by the herculean efforts of my partner in this endeavor, who did more than it seems possible for a human to do in less than a month. I'll post updates from the road and, if I get a chance, photos.
Tags: autobiography, everyday, family

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