Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Blissful Melancholy

This may sound silly, but I've stayed away from LJ for the past week for the simple reason that I wanted my last entry to remain my most recent one. I have a lot to say about the San Francisco Giants' improbable journey from also-rans in a supposedly weak division to World Series Champions and what it meant to me in this extraordinarily difficult year. And I also still want to write about my October trip to retrieve my parent's car from Maryland, which was powerfully shaped by my fandom. But I really just wanted to warm myself in the afterglow of victory for a while.

I know some people are used to their teams winning. How many championships has my father the Yankee fan witnessed? For me, though, it's rare for the teams I root for to make it anywhere near the mountain, much less ascending to the pinnacle of their sport. I will freely admit that taking sports so seriously is not logical. That said, I also think that human beings sometimes need to take seriously what logic rules out. Star Trek gave us Spock in order to grasp that precise point.

At any rate, I've spent the last week -- when I wasn't grading or helping my parents, which was very often -- in a state of blissful melancholy, holding on to the transcendent moments from the Giants' season. The night before last, I watched much of Tim Lincecum's masterful 14-strikeout 1-0 victory in the first round of the playoffs, which I'd missed while flying across the country, as well as revisiting highlights from the last two games of the World Series. I guess you could say that I'm taking full advantage of my subscription. Now that a week has passed, however, I recognize that it's time to make my way back to the present. But I may still turn my head occasionally to take in the view behind me.
Tags: autobiography, blogging, everyday, sports

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