Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

For Those Who Care a Lot

One of the things I was doing during the time I was mostly absent from Live Journal was trying to get a new publication off the ground. I kept putting off making an announcement here until the kinks were ironed out, but have come to realize that, just as the protagonists of The Cat in the Hat Comes Back find that removing a spot from one place merely displaces it to another, no amount of steam seems capable of making the site lie completely flat.

So here, creases and all, is my declaration that Souciant is live and in need of readers. I'll say more in a later entry about the editorial philosophy, which began with ideas I had for running counter to the diminishing attention spans of the Facebook era, but for now will direct your attention to today's lead article, in which my longtime friend and collaborator Steven Rubio from Bad Subjects: Political Education For Everyday Life -- he comments here as masoo -- considers the fate of personal blogging from a similar angle.

It's an honor to have Steven join Souciant's list of contributors, as it would be to have my Live Journal friends follow in his footsteps. Please do check out the site to let me know what you think. And stay tuned for further announcements, including posts in which I link to my own pieces there.
Tags: blogging, friends, internet, new media, souciant
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