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A Tale of Two Skylars

Today was Skylar's first day of seventh grade. So far, everything has gone swimmingly. I've never seen her so relaxed at the beginning of a school year. Part of it is that she wants to show off her new look:

Skylar has red hair now and wears makeup!

And part of it is that her desire to have a new look reflects the maturity she has begun to manifest lately.

Despite all the reservations Kim and I had -- parents had told us horror stories -- Skylar's first year of middle school went about as well as we could hope. She got started on the right foot and managed to thrive despite the inevitable friend and teacher issues that arose. As it turned out, the happy "It's alright; I'll be fine" look she gave us on her first day of sixth grade was an excellent omen:

Skylar's first day of sixth grade from last August

Some parents have told me that I'll soon be deeply nostalgic for the innocence still written on that sixth-grade face. Maybe so. But I've had a great time with the soon-to-be-a-teenager I've been doing things with this summer. Yes, Skylar is different. But she's still the same old Bean at times. And when it's her new self that's coming to the fore, that person seems truly wonderful to me. Right now, though, I think I like it best when the two Skylars are perceptible at the same time, as a sort of palimpsest:

A palimpsest of old and new Skylar

Still, I recognize that the new Skylar will be asserting herself more and more in the coming months. But I have no complaints.
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