Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Something I Did Today

The best strategy I've found for fighting off the frequently overwhelming sense of paralysis that I've been coping with in recent years, particularly since the fall of 2010, is to focus on tasks that I can finish in a day or less. The sense of accomplishment I get from this approach is enough to buoy me on a bad day. Today, for example, after sleeping less than I should have and having to deal with my daughter being home from school and my parents needing me to spend two hours at their apartment, I cleaned out under the front bathroom sink and reorganized its contents so that I could fit a number of items from the back bathroom sink there as well and still have room for extra rolls of toilet paper.

Yes, I still have to clean the front bathroom, as well as the kitchen floor. And my perpetually deferred home office renovation needs to be pulled off very soon or else. But at least I did something useful. My philosophy in tackling household chores right now is to do the sort of laborious work that typically doesn't get tackled in the course of week-to-week maintenance. So far I've greatly the functionality of the storage shelf in the laundry room; cleared away clutter in the corner of the dining room and added extra bookshelf space; arranged the crawlspace above the garage so that more items we don't use often can be stored there while still leaving room to access the air conditioning unit that gave us so much trouble last summer; rationalized several areas in the garage itself, such as the shelf with the camping supplies; and now reorganized this cabinet under the front bathroom sink that hadn't been completely emptied for a decade. I realize this list is kind of absurd, a mock epic if you will, but it beats sitting for hours totally incapable of taking any action at all.
Tags: autobiography, everyday, health, home

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