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After my music editor at Phoenix New Times Chris O'Connor -- to whom I remain extraordinarily grateful for prompt, practical input on my writing -- was let go, I wasn't sure I'd have the opportunity to do anything for the publication. Thankfully, I'm once again getting an opportunity, though features are out for the time being.

On my birthday they published a concert preview I wrote for the Einstürzende Neubauten show that tommix and I attended Sunday evening. Watching the concert -- more than worth the financial and fatigue expense of attending a Phoenix-are event -- I felt good about what I'd written, because it provided a context for appreciating the art-happy Germans as something other than Germanic extremity.

My music reviews for Phoenix New Times last year averaged about 400 words in length. Now, though, they are suppose to come in under 200. Today they published my first review in the abbreviated format. It's hard to say much in so little space. But apparently Robert Christgau is facing the same problems at the Village Voice -- a burgeoning advertising crisis at the free weeklies seems to be to blame -- so I won't complain. I really like the Tortoise record, BTW: I've often wanted to live in a glass house.

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