Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

From the Campground to the Campfire

Nearly every year of the past decade we have returned from our vacation along the ocean in northern San Diego County to the onset of what Skylar's mother aptly refers to as "the blast furnace." By the time June arrives, the relentless heat of Tucson's first summer season, the dry one, is usually in full effect. This year, though, a mild winter and a couple early heat waves ensured that we had already been exposed to some pretty brutal weather before leaving for California.

I had hoped that this preparation would make the transition back to Tucson easier. But we came back Friday, a day in which the temperature climbed to an all-time high of 107 for that date, and forest fire-impaired air quality which, while less sensitive individuals might not bemoan it too much, has my lungs in an uproar. The first two nights back I coughed and coughed instead of sleeping, which made my "waking" hours really unpleasant.

I really don't want to lose the getting-my-life-in-order momentum I'd built up prior to our trip, which has always been a risk at this time of year. That's why I tried to force myself to nap yesterday -- unsuccessfully, alas -- and why I'm proceeding as of today with my plan to get in better shape. If nothing else, building my lung power through aerobic activity should make me less prone to asthma attacks and more likely to be tired enough to sleep through respiratory irritation. I think I'll go to the JCC later to play basketball and then sit a good long while in the steam room. Nothing helps me more at this time of year than humidity.
Tags: everyday, health, tucson, weather

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