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The Party's Over

Our party today went wonderfully. Because we had finished our preparatory tasks, particularly the making of dinner, well in advance of the first arrivals, it was a little easier to breathe. Personal highlights included the following:

• Watching all the kids ride their bikes
• Kim's risotto
• Laura's hummus
• Taking a break with Jesse Gill in the backyard
• Getting attacked by the fearsome foursome
• My wife's "Chicago" green ensemble
• Carlos making his hippo say, "Don't look at me!"
• Etienne and Alice fixating on each other
• Sarah's orange skirt
• Talking to Aurelie about her book
• Laura's delightful friend Scott
• Partially overhearing Eric's various sofa conversations
• Olivier's French-inflected anarchist prouncements
• Nana's ability to chat to anyone about anything
• Reed talking about the NBA playoffs
• Sean not knowing whether he needed to dress fabulously
• Lina's bemused expression watching her husband frolic with the youngsters
• Skylar handing out "gifts" to the adults in the front room
• Joanna's post-hooding look of relief
• Papa stopping by to see Kim's garden
• Hannah overcoming her fear to ride her slightly-too-big bicycle with the help of her stalwart dad Gill,
• Beth coming outside to hang with the rest of the mothers
• Natasha's dip
• Yuanyuan noting how rapidly children seem to have grown when you don't see them for a few months
• Des's primal drive for toys

It looks like a Critical Mass demonstration, doesn't it?

Panorama of Children (and Parents) Bicycling

Sarah, Yuanyuan, Kim, and Laura's friend Scott surround "Temptation Island."

Temptation Island

Yuanyuan, freshly graduated with her music degree -- hooray! -- and Eric make a photogenic couple.

Eric and Yuanyuan

Next year's "Women of Manzanita Elementary" ride side by side.

Skylar and Alice Riding Bikes

If Seurat had lived to see the pleasures of stomp rockets, he might have painted a scene like this one.

Stomp Rockets!

Eric demonstrates how to handle the professor-graduate student relationship with the help of the redoubtable "Sean on the cob."

Professor-Graduate Student Relationship

Time to go curl up with Wilbur. . .


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