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Carpe Imago

There was a time when Kim and I could take photos of Skylar on a regular basis. Even when she was very young, she was often camera-shy, but if we waited long enough, we could usually get the shots we wanted.

As I probably do not need to say, that has changed over the past few years. Weeks, sometimes months, will go by before she'll permit a single shot that shows even a sliver of her person. And then, at junctures that are impossible to predict, she will not only relent to appearing in a photo or two, but will actively encourage an extended shoot.

Kim has documented some of those times quite ably over the past few years. In her case, she has been able to use her "real" camera. With me, by contrast, these rare windows of opportunity have come only when I have my phone available to me. It's a Samsung Galaxy S III, which does pretty well for a camera phone, but the images are obviously of a lower quality than what I could achieve with my Lumix. When I'm using the lower-resolution front-facing camera option, the one that enables video chatting, the quality drops still lower.

What matters, though, is not the resolution, but the experience of a special moment captured for enjoyment later on. After Skylar had the inspiration to mess around with the camera phone before bed last night -- in part, no doubt, because she wanted to stay up longer -- the two of us had a grand time looking at each round of silly "photo booth" shots.

By the time we were done, we had shot well over a hundred -- most of them, admittedly, blurry to the point of badness -- and had also managed to inadvertently craft a story arc in which Luthien saw us having fun and was curious enough to want to join us, though perhaps not to be held long enough for a good group portrait!

The selections here proceed in order, with the earliest at the top right and the latest at the bottom left:

Shooting silly selfies with Skylar, Shots 1-4

Shooting silly selfies with Skylar, Shots 5-8

Shooting silly selfies with Skylar AND Luthien, Shots 9-12

The culmination of our silly selfie shoot, Luthien looking lovably perplexed
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