Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

The Month of Sherlock

Skylar is sick with the flu, that H1N1 kind that everyone was freaking out about a few years back. But she had the vaccine and, although she has a fever and is periodically irrational as a consequence, the virus isn't flooring her the way it otherwise would have.

It's anxiety-provoking, given that a week of being out with strep throat was started her downward spiral in the fall. Yet there is some comfort in knowing that she has to stay home, given that she is still contagious, since it means we don't have to figure out whether she is well enough to go to school and then potentially struggle to overcome her objections.

And I think the break might be good for her in other ways, assuming she can get back on track in her classes afterwards. She has developed a new cultural fixation, the series Sherlock that is all the rage these days. It was only over Winter Break that she first watched it, but has now seen every episode several times over and read a ton of fan fiction based on the show.

What's nice about this particular interest -- aside from the fact that it gives her something to talk about other than the Tolkien and Harry Potter universes -- is that she has been sharing it with both her parents. In the past, she has typically separated "Mom" content from "Dad" content. Not this time, though. I do think Sherlock is more of a "Mom" thing, given Kim's longstanding love for previous iterations of the Sherlock Holmes stories. That said, Skylar has watched and discussed the show with both of us.

Maybe it's because we all celebrated the New Year by watching the first episode of the first season together. I'd like to think so. Whatever the reason, though, I'm glad that we can all share in the show's many pleasures and that this sharing now seems to be extending to other content as well. It used to be that Game of Thrones was principally "Dad" content, for example, but now Skylar is encouraging Kim both to read the books and watch the HBO series. That seems like a very positive development.
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