Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Last Year

I found it very difficult to talk about what was going in my life last year and even harder to write about it. But I did manage to produce a piece for Souciant about looking back through the documentary evidence of my year on Facebook and the two memory cards I shot with my "real" camera. Many of you are already acquainted with the former, though it can be difficult to piece together a coherent story for anyone there, because the algorithm for what is shown in a particular user's feed is unpredictable. And even if you did see most of what I shared, it's not like I'll ever win an award for Directness in Social Media. The photos from the latter, as I explain in the piece, I didn't really show to anyone.

A number of my favorite images dated from croneitude's welcome visits to Tucson, including this one of cloud shadows taken on the day I drove her around looking for Monsoon thrills:

Cloud shadows in Cochise County - August 2014

Today she wrote me something interesting about it that I wanted to share:
It isn't just the lack of humans in the frame. I love how there is this vast landscape, with equally vast details that are just hinted at in the image: The distant mountains, the cumulus clouds at the edge of the frame. Even the bushes that are in shadow. We know there is so much more under and beyond, which reflects the Facebook experience, in a sense.
Although my piece is all about "shadows" that fall over the selves we choose to present through social media and although I explicitly commented on my family's practice of excluding evidence of the human from what we framed with the camera, I hadn't consciously chosen this photo to reinforce visually what I was trying to communicate in words. But I also know that something in me chose it from a great many possibilities.
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